Learning Dutch as a second language

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Would you like to learn Dutch as a second language? Or do you already know the basics and would you like to improve your speaking and writing skills? Our course Learning Dutch as a second language will be completely personalised to suit your learning style, situation, line of business, function, wishes and targets. If you have another native tongue, it can be quite valuable to learn about the Dutch, Dutch etiquette, and how the Dutch cooperate and do business. During the course Learning Dutch as a second language, we will touch on

  • Business talks within your line of business
  • Presentations, meetings and conferences
  • Written communication and grammar
  • Professional jargon specific to your line of business
  • Dutch manners and cooperation.

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Course options

Made-to-measure course programme

You will undoubtedly attend the course Learning Dutch as a second language for a good reason. We would be happy to exchange views with you on your particular reasons and how to match them with targets. Then we will give advice on how to personalise the course options for you. We are happy to offer the following options:

  • Classroom lessons or blended learning
  • Speaking, writing or reading skills, or any combination of these.
  • Individual study or with a group of colleagues
  • In-company or on location in our office in Heerenveen
  • Intensive one-week refresher course or a course extended over a longer period of time
  • Timeline and frequency always in consultation

This is what our customers say:

I love the warm and positive atmosphere of the classes. This safe and comfortable environment turns learning Dutch into such an enjoyable experience. We practice reading, listening, speaking and some writing during the classes and we are encouraged to practice this further at home with the workbook and extra exercises. It is remarkable how Tineke, our teacher, offers personalized feedback to each one of us and how patient she is in answering all our questions. I look forward to the class every week and I’mstarting the second consecutive Dutch course. I definitely recommend it.

Bedankt! Thank you for the great teaching. As an expat,one of the most challenging things in the Netherlands is to learn Dutch. I am very pleased with all I have learned so far. Even working in a group class, the teacher is always aware of everybody needs on learning.I now havea strong basis to continue learning Dutch.

The feedback I received from my colleagues is that your informal way of teaching was very much appreciated by them. Thanks again for the pleasant cooperation and maybe goodbye until we meet again.

Language course at DC Language Institute.

Cross borders full of confidence owing to a

With a team of experienced teachers DC Language Institute has offered language courses for business companies since 1986. Our guiding principle is “First we strengthen confidence and then we teach the language. It is alright to make mistakes.” Our language courses are always made to measure on the basis of your personal targets. Relevant professional jargon is also taught, and we offer you the teaching environment that is appropriate to you.

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